Friday, 8 July 2011

i know i shouldnt...

As I sit and wrote this I know there are a thousand and one things i 'should' be doing right now, but after this crazy busy week (seeing friends, babysitting, the never ending cleaning/tidying/sorting etc of children and pets and the shopping) I have decided to sit down for five minutes and say hello.

ok ok so obv I do sit down most days and I do get some time to myself, but it never feels like enough - but if I had a hour/2hrs/3 or 4 a day would it still fell like *enough*? i doubt it. I love my children, I love my friends and I know I'm not very good sat staying in - I feel isolated very easily and I remeber how quickly that downward spiral began when I had Jack, I finally ended up on anti depressants and NEVER wanna go back there. But there is a difference between not going out and only going out two or three days a week right? lol x

I have been reccomended a book to read by two lovely ladies so thats next on my to do list, oh and sort some paperwork this weekend for a very good friend who is going to have a baby soon (and has asked me to be her Doula - yay!) and I am working tomorrow with CWM (Carnegie Weight Management) oh and sunday its ice skating, the Green Backyard Craft day and seeing my parents as they hae been to America and Canada - see?!!? lol x

and in other news.......... CAMP IS TWO WEEKS AWAY!!  - I am SO excited! :)

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