Thursday, 19 May 2011


ok so i know you may have seen this on my facebook page but two days later this is still bothering me so i thought i would empty the contents of my head here :)

I get an organic veg box but lately things have started to bother me about it - the amount of packaging (esp plastic) the amount of imported veg i seem to recieve the rising price and i have had several items (esp the bunched items) have arrived mouldy. It led me to thinking about and looking into alternatives, we have already decided to move away from the *new* way of thinking - buy EVERYTHING at the supermarket and when we do go to the supermarket we dont shop in any of the 'big four'. I get milk delivered (and juice - all in glass bottles :)) I get veg and meat separate and we bake cakes/bread etc ourselves.
So back to the veg - i know organic is best (for everyone/thing) involved but if i cant have that and be happy with it what about suporting a local business? a local greengrocer who is delivering mostly local (but not organic) produce - no packaging (apart from the cardboard box it arrives in) and much of it is sourced from local (within the same or neighbouring county) farms.

I tried to talk to adam - 'its only veg' was the reply i recieved! I know that. I know also that if we always try to stick to EVERYTHING we belive in shopping would be a full time job in its own right!

I guess we have to do what we can when we can right - and the best for our family at the time, there is no point having veg if we have no house t oeat it in right? lol, ok so its no-where near that extreme but still, its food for thought x

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  1. We've had good experience with Riverford generally (they even just gave us a free vegbox as we have placed over 150 orders with them) and havent had probs with moudly food or plastic - its only a few things out of the stuff we order. Shame its not worked so well for you. Am intrigued by your other option though. Have you found a non organic local scheme?