Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Nurtured Family Nutured Earth

Well, what i great day that was! Not only were we able to share the day with some great friends but we got chance to reconnect with families we met at camp last year and match some faces to names we often see on TM yahoo group.

There were stalls with some fab items for sale (how i wish i hade more money) and we came away with some fantasic books, (thank you Veronkia), we got a doll for Eleanor for her birthday (in July) and i got Gracie some beautiful handmade shoes.

There were talks throughout the day and although I only attended the talk at the end of the day it gave Adam a chance to be involved as he went to two talks while I soaked up the atmosphere with Eleanor and Jack got the opportunity to explore the grounds of the beautiful venue (we hardly saw him all day)

The talk I went to see was 'The Nutured Family' by Veronika Sophia Robinson and I took so much from it, from little things we can instantly incorperate into our everyday lives to things that we used to do that we have let slip and we will be reinstating, there were also things that we will be weaving into our everyday lives that need to be arranged and planned a little more but we will get there!
Veronika spoke of ten 'threads' can can be woven into our daily lives, including nature, sleep and love . many of the ideas were very simple and inexpensive but can add so much to our and our childrens, whether you are an unschooling family or not I strongly reccommend that you get the accompying booklet - information from

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  1. Sounds like you had an awesome time I wish I had been up to the travelling. Xxx